Suffolk MP reacts to reckless NHS redundancy pay

Dr Dan Poulter

Dr Dan Poulter, the Conservative Junior Health Minister has described redundancy payouts of almost £3million to former managers of the old NHS Midlands and East as a “waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Dr Poulter said that the rules had been administered by the previous Labour government and that he was now attempting to “claw the payments back”.

The former Chief Executive of the authority, Sir Neil McKay received the highest sum of £407,746 and additionally, a payment in lieu of notice of £12500. Read more

Voluntary Redundancy

Redundancy or Voluntary Redundancy both involve a challenging adjustment to your daily routine. Both scenarios can leave an individual feeling vulnerable and a little insecure.

However, by staying calm and keeping some self belief, both Redundancy and Voluntary Redundancy can provide you with a massive opportunity to sieze your life back from the ‘prison’ you were incarcerated in – the treadmill that you now have the opportunity to climb from.

That’s right – that existence where you sign your freedom away to an employer! You have the chance to say to yourself and those close to you, that you are never going to allow yourself to be put in this position again.

With the right guidance, tools and support you can create your own business, your own income where the threat of Redundancy or Voluntary redundancy can no longer reach you.